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WTB Post WWII Pelikan 100N Piston Shaft

Posted: April 13th, 2016, 7:54 pm
by mana
As luck would have it I finally hit a show stopping snag with my ever increasing flock of later gen Pelikan 100/101N's.

I recently received one which looked pretty pristine from the outside (cap & barrel were A-OK) but had a problematic nib (tip missing, other tine creased & bent).

Knowing the nib issue I paid a lot less than market value but when I received the pen I found that the internals were pretty much shot.

As in, the piston mechanism base (which holds the shaft and spindle) had a big chunk missing on the barrel end and it seems that someone had mistaken the end of piston shaft (where the piston seal is attached) for a chew toy... it wasn't pretty. Fortunately I already had one base that I recovered from an otherwise junked Pelikan 100... but no piston shaft and hence the need to find a replacement piston shaft.

Anyone in the know for a source? :)

Thank you most humbly for your attention,