Maki-e auction 2014

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Maki-e auction 2014

Post by werner » August 12th, 2014, 9:29 am

Hello together,

This message arrived today with the actual Pelikan newsletter. To recommend this newsletter if you have not a subscription please send a message to:

Pelikan will host another auction of unique Maki-e fountain pens in November 2014! This time, seventeen spectacular fountain pens will be for sale, starting with a minimum offer of only 1,000 Euros and going up to 18,400 Euros.

We hope you’ll join in the bidding!

You can discover all the models online at - or see them in reality (!) by visiting Tokyo, Kobe or Osaka in the weeks before the launch. The exact dates of the roadshow are shown on the Internet site.

You can watch the biddings in November without signing up. But if you wish to bid, sign up now on the website!

We proudly announce that the piston fountain pen „Maki-e Ginko & Maple Leaves“ is the winner of the 20th Annual Readers’ Choice Award in the category “Best Urushi Arts Pen”. This Award is organized by the American magazine Pen World. The fountain pen can still be ordered at Pelikan!

Best regards

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Re: Maki-e auction 2014

Post by BuaKwan » June 11th, 2020, 6:35 am

The content is very tight. Looks good, very useful

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