Pelikano Chronology

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Pelikano Chronology

Post by werner » March 16th, 2010, 9:10 am

1960 Pelikan put the first school fountain pen „Pelikano“ on the market. In that year the „Pelikano“ fountain pen for pupils became a big success in no time and convinced both pupils and teachers.
At that time and even now again Pelikan developed in close contact between designers and educationalists a very successful learn-to-write system/utensil for pupils: the learn-to-write system „Griffix“.

please see picture below "pelikano_blau.jpg"

Even now – almost 50 years later -pupils and youths are writing with the „Pelikano“ which has been further developed, improved in its design and adapted to the
spirit of the times/the general intellectual, moral and cultural climate of this time

So far two generations of pupils have experienced good and bad times with the „Pelikano“.
After such a long time it is not surprising that the former pupils are interested again in their first writing utensil. Over the years they certainly have bought and used other fountain pens and writing utensils. Nostalgic items set the trend at the moment and more and more people – especially those who used the first generation of „Pelikanos“- ask whether it would be possible to identify or even to buy again exactly their „own“ fountain pen they used in their youth.

From the „Pelikano's“ first appearance on the fountain pen market until today there certainly always have been changes made to its shape, better handling and the design. For this reason it is hard for the former pupils to recognize exactly their type of fountain pen at the first glance.
With the help of the following list and picture(s?), interested persons surely will be able to find exactly their very own fountain pen by means of production period and shape.

Please pay attention to the clip's shape on the cap and as well to the hooded nib. Both components show characteristic features of the particular production period.

please see picture below "pelikano1_5.jpg

1st version
the same shape as model P15/P25 with totally hooded nib, beak-shaped clip, alminum cap matte chrome-plated, rounded cap end, rounded barrel end, screw-on cap
produced from 1960 until 1965

2nd version
model with semi hooded nib, tapering beak-shaped clip, flat top, flat barrel end, push-on brass cap chrome-plated, ink level indicator
produced from 1965 until 1969

3rd version
model with semi hooded nib, tapering clip but not beak-shaped, with “Pelikano” engraving, logo at the top of the cap, first production of red models, push-on brass cap chrome plated
produced from 1969 until 1973

4th version
less hooded neck of the nib, bar shaped clip but a little tapered also, with “Pelikano” engraving, logo at the top of the clip, but no logo at the top of the cap, push-on brass cap chrome-plated, model P460 for right-handed writers, P 461 for left-handed writers, P 465 only for export with colored plastic caps, all models with structured grip
produced from 1973 until 1979

5th version
model number P450/P451, cap in cylindrical shape, a small ridge between grip and nib
produced from 1979 until 1983

6th version
model P450 / P451, with „Anti-Slip“ at the top of the barrel, model P452 with colored plastic caps,
produced from 1983 until 1988

"Super-Pelikano" = cap and barrel stainless steel, with plastic grip
produced from 1984 until 1989

7th version
like 6th version but with four length-wise ink windows
produced from 1989 until 2001

Since 1993 the „Pelikano Junior“ has been produced for childrens' hands who first have to get used to writing with a fountain pen.

The Pelikan fountain pen gained a totally new design in 2003: a translucent barrel with a stainless steel cap and a clip in the same colour as the barrel.
The „Pelikano“ exists in the new design for the kids and fans as well in special editions and also in editions with the favorite colours chosen by the young people.

Best regards
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Re: Pelikano Chronology

Post by werner » March 22nd, 2010, 3:26 pm

Hello all,

in addition which completes the message before, I would like to comment the last Pelikano generation.

After the re-desiging in 2003 with the rounded end on barrel and cap, Pelikan changed the shape in celebration of its 50th anniversary and created a totally new and trendy design.
Also new is the rollerball in the same shape and color as well as the Pelikano fountain pen.

Best regards
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Re: Pelikano Chronology

Post by Thanawat13 » April 20th, 2018, 6:32 am

This is a very useful information. Thanks for sharing this information.

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