Polar Lights


The concentration on major business segments very soon showed great success in the high-quality writing instruments sector. This success was topped off in 1993 with the Blue Ocean model, with which the company made a very convincing entry into the segment of limited editions. Such pens are always in great demand among collectors.

Subsequent models were the Hunting, Wall Street, Concerto, Golf, and regionally, 1000 Years of Austria, Golden Dynasty and Phoenix. These models were developed from the standard models Souveraen 800 and Toledo.

After being so successful with these special models, Pelikan is now about to implement a new concept of its own: »Originals of their Time«.

The first fountain pen in this series is a revival of the 1931 Pelikan model M 100, which will make the hearts of the collectors leap with joy. An excellent craftsmanship and the latest technology turn traditional materials into »gems« used for the art of writing.

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