Special Editions

Indian Summer - Glowing red play of colors

Indian Summer

Experiencing an "Indian Summer" is unique. The autumn trees change their colors and glow in breathtaking yellows, oranges, reds and ochers. This special wonder of nature is also called "autumn foliage" and is particularly colorful in New England and Canada. It begins in August in parts of Alaska and on the mountainsides of Canada and continues until November, spreading across almost all of the United States. This unrivaled play of colors is especially pronounced in the Berkshires, the mountainous region in the far west of Massachusetts. This magical "natural event" is triggered by unseasonably mild weather. The first night chilled by frost can, with the late summer sun, quickly warm to a comfortable 20 degree Celsius during the day. The term "Indian Summer" seems to have its roots in the proud culture of the native Americans. It describes their love of bold colors and the final hunting season before the onset of winter, when the warm temperatures tempt the animals out of their quarters one last time.

The special edition "Indian Summer" is made of the finest materials. Each crafted pen is multicolored, lacquered with a high gloss polished metal shaft and further enhanced with elaborate silver engraving. The beautiful coloration flows to a dark brown and features high-grade resin components on the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is formed masterfully, polished and carefully run in by a master’s hand.

This special edition is available as a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen and rollerball. The extraordinary new "beauties of nature" pen is proudly offered by Pelikan, a company that has stood for and dedicated itself to high-quality writing culture since 1929. Our goal is to provide the best in fine writing technology along with pen designs fashioned to offer distinction, flair and individual personality.

Mount Everest - Unique and spectacular Just like the world’s highest mountain

Mount Everest

The highest mountain on Earth originated, like the entire Himalayas mountain range, from the collision of the Indian with the Eurasian continental plate. This process began approx. 50 million years ago, and even today Mount Everest grows several millimeters (inches) as a result of the movement of the continents. It reaches a majestic 8,850 meters feet/ yards) into the heavens. It is one of the "Seven Summits", which include the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Its climate is very (delete) extreme, with temperatures in the coldest month dropping down to -60 °C.(farenheit) And when the south-western jet stream slams against the summit, wind speeds of up to 285 kilometers(miles) per hour occur. Enormous snowfalls of up to 3 meters (feet) daily are not uncommon and an ascent is only possible during one of the rare "windows", which provide more or less stable weather. The New Zealander Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first to reach the top on May 29,1953. This event was celebrated internationally as the conquest of the "third pole". Around 3,680 ascents have been recorded to date.

The special edition "Mount Everest" is crafted of the finest materials. The distinctive new barrel features a metal shaft with a complex engraving and specially created gold plated mountain formation element. Its representation flows into the anthracite-colored precious resin components of the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is designed, masterfully crafted and polished meticulously by a master’s hand.

The new Mount Everest is also available as a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen and rollerball. This Special Edition has been created by Pelikan and follows the tradition of quality built in to all fine writing instruments made since their beginning in 1929. The goal of Pelikan continues to be to "perfect the technology" while providing and instilling in every piece its own individual personality.

Polar Lights - Mysterious Lights in the Night Sky

Polar Lights

When the sky in the northern and southern latitudes is illuminated by mystic lights in unreal color shades, the polar lights enchant the dark winter nights. Before science discovered that the brilliant bands of light in the night sky were solar winds, one conjectured messages of the gods and prophecies behind the natural phenomenon: the Vikings saw them as signs of a victorious battle, while for people in the Middle Ages, polar lights, like comets, were omens of threatening events in the future. The natural phenomena occur when electrically charged particles from a solar eruption meet with the atmosphere of the earth and are steered toward the poles by the magnetic fi eld of the earth. Polar lights in the northern latitudes are called the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. The light occurrences in the southern hemisphere are known as the Southern Lights or Aurora Australis.

The special edition "Polar Lights" is made of the fi nest materials. The focal point is the metal shaft with its complex, multicolored varnish, the silvercolored elements of which consist of a platinum alloy. It flows into the deep black precious resin components of the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is formed masterfully, polished and diligently run in by a master's hand.

This special edition is also available in ballpoint pen and rollerball, all created and crafted from Pelikan, a company offering the highestquality writing instruments and pen tradition since 1929. Our goal is not only to perfect the newest design technology but to capture and instill and exude individual personality in each and every pen.

Sahara - The Desert Tells Its Tales


Sand visible as far as the eye can see. Every individual grain of sand in the Sahara has a story to tell. It is the triturated time of mountainous massifs, seas, rivers or the ice age. With nine million square kilometers (circa 3.5 milion square miles), the Sahara is the largest dry desert on the planet and stretches from the Atlantic to the Red Sea. It came into being three billion years ago and has been fl ooded at least eight times in the course of time. Even in this current day, dry riverbeds can be found in the landscape a sign that water must have once fl own there. However, only 10 % of the Sahara is a sandy desert. Many large areas are covered by boulders, salt marshes, gravel desert and mountain ranges such as the Hoggar and the Tibesti mountains. On three quarters of the desert surface, there is no vegetation; the rest consists of veldt, in which plants and animals have adjusted themselves to extreme conditions. During the day, it‘s dry and reaches up to 55 degrees. Oases that consist of around 200,000 square kilometers (circa 77,000 square miles) of surface provide living conditions for roughly two million people.

The special edition "Sahara" is made of the fi nest materials. The focal point is the metal shaft with its sandwave structure. The fi ligree elements are modeled by a sophisticated guilloche, are gilded and are provided with several coats of lacquer coating. They fl ow into the precious resin components of the front part and ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is formed masterly, polished and diligently run in by a master‘s hand.

This special edition can also be obtained as a ballpoint pen and rollerball, all created by a company dedicated to a tradition of excellence with an established highquality writing culture since 1929. Our goal is not only to perfect the technology, but rather to provide each and every individual a refl ection and insight into its own personality.

Niagara Falls - Breathtakingly Spectacular

Niagara Falls

For thousands of years, humans have marveled under their spell: scenic phenomenons that take our breath away. Formed by the powers of nature, they continually alter and invite us to dwell and dream far away from the hustle of everyday life. Pelikan honors special natural spectacles throughout the world with the new special edition "Natural Phenomena". As a start to this new series, follow us to the "Niagara Falls" waterfalls.

When the last ice age ended 12'000 years ago, North America's glaciers created a tremendous amount a melted water which caused Lake Erie to flood. The newly formed Niagara river flows over the hard dolomite rock of the Niagara Escarpment rock formation towards the north and connects Lake Erie with Lake Ontario. On the border between the USA and Canada, the water masses collide together, separated by the Goat Island, almost 60 meters deep. On the US American side, the waterfall has a width of app.360 meters; the socalled horseshoe on the Canadian side has a length of app. 790 meters. As a special geological phenomenon, the waterfall nears Lake Erie by almost two meters every year due to the erosion process. In the course of thousands of years, it has already laid back eleven kilometers. The Niagara Falls are now famous worldwide and attract more then 18 million visitors to the region every year.

The special edition "Niagara Falls" is constructed with the finest of materials. The focal point is the metal shaft whose silvercolored elements consist of an elaborate Rhodium alloy.

The fountain pen components manufactured of noble resin glimmer in water blue. The rhodiumplated 18 karat gold nib is masterly sculpted, polished and carefully conscripted by hand.

This special edition which is available as a pen and roller was derived by a traditional company which has stood for highquality writing culture. It is our goal to not only perfect the technology but rather to give every individual instrument an unmistakable visage.

Grand Place - The world's most beautiful theatre

Grand Place

The breathtaking Grand Place, in Flemish the "Grote Markt", is situated at the heart of Brussels old town and is on the UNESCO world cultural heritage list. More than 30 old guild houses with wonderful renaissance and baroque gable roofs reflect its importance as a commercial centre and the glorious past of the craft guilds. Together with the delicate gothic design of the seven storey town hall they form a unique ensemble, the facades of which recount the history of the city and tell of heroes, saints and reallife satirical stories.

The writer Jean Cocteau said: "The Grand Place in Brussels is the world's most beautiful theatre!". A stage on which people live and die, a testimonial to democracy. It was the richest of the Brussels' guilds who built the square in the 15th Century when they took over from the aristocratic city government. And when the Sun King Louis XIV destroyed the showpiece of the free citizens the guilds quickly rebuilt it in exactly the same form. The people of Brussels celebrate themselves and their history in the annual "Ommegang", originally a religious festival to display the people's affluence. This celebration has transformed, over time, into a magnificent parade traditionally held in this famous stone theatre. Today the main headquarters of the European Union is just one of the institutions to lend international flair to the Belgian metropolis.

The Special Edition "Grand Place" impresses with its complex decoration in casting resin with gently graduated colours, adorned within goldplated elements. Each writing instrument has a fascinating and intricate personality, as unique as the place and name that it carries.

The piston pump fountain pen has an 18carat gold nib with rhodanized decoration, masterfully formed, polished and carefully run in by a master's hand.

Piccadilly Circus - Lively and breathtaking

Piccadilly Circus

London, the British capital city on the Thames with its 14 million people and a pace that is not really known elsewhere in Europe, is traditionally a center of attraction for an array of various cultures and one of the most important financial and trade centers in the world. Since 1819, it is here, at the junction of Regent Street, Piccadilly, Haymarket and Shaftsbury Avenue, that what the Londoners consider to be the "hub of the world" is located: Piccadilly Circus - a synonym for the big city nightlife and a pulsating vitality. The unusual name originates from the word "picadil", a type of ruffled collar that was modern in the 17th century. The square became famous as a result of the neon light, advertisement-bombarded facades of the adjacent houses. Gigantic screens envelope the architecture, transforming it into a medium for its advertizing message and illuminating the square by night with a blaze of glaring light. Piccadilly Circus is a place of contrasts, a place where the future, the present and the past merge with one another. The center is graced by a famous fountain which is crowned with the winged archer, Eros. This structure depicts the angel as a symbol of Christian altruism and that was erected in 1893 in remembrance of the philanthropist, the Earl of Shaftsbury.

The Special Edition "Piccadilly Circus" impresses with its intricately crafted premium resin materials in an unusual color scheme, bordered by silvered elements. Every writing implement has a fascinating and multi-dimensional charisma - just like the square whose name it carries.

The piston fountain pen possesses an 18-carat gold nib with rhodanised embellishments - masterfully crafted, polished and meticulously inscribed by hand.

Place de la Concorde - Epochal and breathtaking

Place de la Concorde

By the river Seine in the 8th arrondissement of the French capital is Place de la Concorde, the last and largest of the Parisian royal squares. Built from 1755 and originally named "Place Louis XV" it created a worthy setting for the imposing equestrian statue of this monarch. In classical style, and following the shape of an octagon, the square separates the magnificent gardens of Tuileries from the start of the Avenue des ChampsElysees.

As the citizens of Paris moved to bring about the abolition of the monarchy and the introduction of first French Republic, the square was renamed "Place de la Revolution" in 1792. One year later a guillotine was erected where King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were beheaded. After the July revolution of 1830 the city of love entered a period of somewhat more peaceful times and the square of harmony became known as the impressively sounding "Place de la Concorde".

Eelaborately crafted bluegrey ring striped noble resin materials, set in sterlingplated trim bestow each writing instrument with a special kind of appeal that is inimitable, fascinating and stratified like the square whose name it bears.

The plunger fountain pen has an 18 kt gold nib with rhodinated decor masterly shaped, polished and meticulously inscribed by hand.

Piazza Navona - Gateway to the history of Rome

Piazza Navona

Rome's historical square in the valley of the Tiber at the foot of the Quirinal Hill is impressive in a number of ways: the Piazza Navona. Built by the Emperor Domitian in AD 86 as a stadium for Greek athletes in competition, even today the foundations of the neighbouring houses there follow the course of the grandstands of antiquity. Architectural masterpieces have repeatedly been created on their ruins in the past two thousand years. Alongside the family palace built by Pope Innozenz X. Pamphilj in the Baroque era and the house church bordering it, one of the most beautiful of Baroque fountains, the "Fontana dei Fiumi" (Fountain of the rivers) was built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 164851.

Extravagantly fashioned, ambercoloured delicately cast resin material set in gilded elements afford each writing instrument an inimitable charisma. As fascinating and multifaceted as the Piazza whose name it bears. The fountain pen is graced by an 18carat gold nib with rhodium decoration masterly in design, polished and individually tested by hand

Shanghai - China`s entrance to the future


No other Chinese town represents the opening of a new chapter in the national history as strongly as this city does: Shanghai. China's most glamorous and complex metropolis as the banks of the Huangpu with its 14 million inhabitants took off for the 21st century with breathtaking speed. Called "City without night" by the Chinese, Shanghai which means "at the sea" before the first Opium war (18401842) was flourishing, but not very important little town of weavers and fishermen.

The yelloworange translucent design of the elaborate noble resin materials, framed in goldplated components, give each writing instrument its unequalled charisma, as full of contrasts and facets as the metropolis that gave this edition its name. The pistonaction fountain pen has a 18K gold nib with rhodinized ornaments, formed, polished and carefully run in by a master's hand.

Athen - a witness of the classical time in new splandor


Bridged by the seemingly endless blue sky, pampered by the warm yellow sun, and interspersed with the pale grey of its many classical buildings in the early dawn light, Athens, the World's oldest democracy, has been the capital of Greece since 1834. In 1896, the city hosted the first Olympic Games of the New Age. In 2004, Athens will again host the Olympics with the hope to inspire to all nations the values of noble emulation. The world famous Acropolis, the most popular momentum of the Greek Classical Period, is a very impressive witness of the city's development.

The blue, yellow and grey design of the elaborately handcrafted artificial resin material, framed with silverplated parts, gives each writing instruments its unrivalled attraction as full of contrasts and with many layers as the metropolis that gave it its name. The pistonaction fountain pen has a 18ct gold nib with rhodinized ornaments formed, polished and carefully run in by a master's hand.

New York City - Unmistakable, Liberty-Loving and Strong: the Metropolises of our Time.

New York City

The 21st century in a world full of opposites with many mutualities yet to be discovered, the metropolises of our time accommodate power and hope for a better future at the same time. Built on hopes and dreams over many generations, these cities have given people all over the world orientation, power and the chance to develop their individualities. This is why Pelikan, after Berlin, Stockholm, Madrid, San Francisco and Chicago today dedicates its new Special Edition to the city with the magic attraction: New York City.

The Magic Attraction of an Unequalled World Metropolis

Every city has its own unmistakable character its own, unique signature. So have you. Just as the spirit of the American Dream lives on in the streets of New York City, the magic of this city that attracts everyone lives in each piece of this Special Edition. With this writing instrument, you hold in your hands the charm of the metropolis in an accomplished form.

The Special Edition "New York City" is absolutely unique. The black and white design of the elaborate artificial resin materials, framed in silverplated components, give each writing instrument its inimitable attraction: as full of contrasts and with as many layers as the metropolis that gave it its name. The pistonaction fountain pen has a 18ctgold nib with rhodinized ornament, formed, polished, and carefully written in all by a master's hand. The ballpoint pen comes with a twistmechanism and international largecapacity refill. The roller is just as fascinating: it writes gently and comfortably as if in ink.



With its latest Special Edition, "Chicago", Pelikan honours yet another exciting world metropolis. Based on the Sovereign 600 series, the new Special Edition features highly varied, unique design. Chicago is the city of superlatives: modern, proud and cosmopolitan. The "Chicago" writing instrument is characterised by an inimitable charisma, created through the interaction of the black/white design of the sophisticated cast materials with the silver plated rings, and the abundance of subtle contrasts typical of the metropolis it is named after. The Special Edition "Chicago" not only captivates with its unique design, but also with its unsurpassed quality, which establishes new standards.



The series Berlin is presented in a lively green, as Berlin is the greenest metro polis in Europe with a quarter of its acres consisting of woods and lakes. The multifaceted design of the pens captures ones fascination with the pulsating German capitol. The piston fountain pen with a rhodium decorated 18 carat gold nib (available in three sizes), meticulously crafted, polished and as tradition has it: written in by hand. Since the traditional Pelikan beak clip and all of the extra fittings are gold plated, the writing instruments of this series gain a value that can be viewed as timeless.



The development of the "Stockholm" pen saw the designers being inspired by the fact that the Swedish metropolis is often considered to be the "Venice of the north". The blue design patterns on the pen give a feeling of the traditional and the modern, nature and culture aspects that no other city in the world combines as gracefully as Stockholm. The piston fountain pen with a rhodium decorated 18 carat gold nib (available in three sizes), meticulously crafted, polished and as tradition has it: written in by hand. Since the traditional Pelikan beak clip and all of the extra fittings are gold plated, the writing instruments of this series gain a value that can be viewed as timeless.



Hardly any other city is as welcoming to foreigners as San Francisco. Rising against the unequalled sunsets of the California coast is the ruddy orange Golden Gate Bridge... a world famous landmark as well as a symbol of tolerance and openmindedness. Pelikan honors this cosmopolitan, colorful city its own way. The pistontype fountain pen has an 18 carat gold nib with rhodinized ornaments formed polished and carefully shaped by a master's hand



According to surveys, Madrid is Making its residents, the Madrilenes, happy. The unequalled dedication of this metropolis and its citizens is enough reason for Pelikan to honour it in a very special way. The pistontype fountain pen has an 18 carat gold nib with rhodinized ornaments formed polished and carefully shaped by a master's hand

Daedalus / Ikarus

Daedalus / Ikarus

Pelican's new Special Edition is a collector's item, which is dedicated to the myth of Daedalus and Icarus and to the symbolism that it expresses. The Special Edition combines art and technique such like in those days of the ancient Greek. There are many special features displaying greatness such as the Icarus emblem of solid 925 sterling silver, the clip of new silver as well as the large handcrafted, finely engraved 18 carat gold nib with rhodium decoration The production of the fountain pen DaedalusIcarus has been limited to just 800 pens an indirect correlation with the 8th century BC when the first reference was made to Daedalus by Homer.



The Pelikan Kirin is the 5th and the final piece of the entire Pelikan Asia LE, they started off with the Dynasty, Phoenix, White Tiger, Xuan Wu and now the KIRIN. with only a precious 888 pens are exclusively tooled. A special, designated number is accorded on each pen to further endorse its exclusivity. The Kirin is described as the mythical animal with a Dragon head, snout of a pig, horns of deer, back of a tiger, waist of a bear, with body covered with scales; exuding an aura of mysticism with power to ward of evil. The fountain pen comes with the carved sleeve made of gold plated 925 Sterling Silver and the Yellow color on both the cap and nib section signifies the color of the imperial yellow which the Kirin is often used as the symbol of mandate and knowledge. Differential pistonfilled ink, with solid brass parts. Handcrafted finely engraved dual tone 18k / 750 gold nib.

Xuan Wu

Xuan Wu

Xuan Wu is the 4 th Asia Limited Edition and therefore continuing the famous Pelikan series on basis of the Great Chinese Legends with only 888 pens being sold on the market. According to the Chinese Legend the sky is divided into four lucky, heavenly creatures: Dragon, Bird, Tiger and Turtle. Pelikan presents Xuan Wu, the God of the Northern Sphere, the element water, which looks like a fairy tale character of snake and turtle. Today, in the hand of Pelican's most cherished craftsman, Xuan Wu is immortalised again, wrought in chased, solid 925 sterling silver overlaid with 24carat gold.

White Tiger

White Tiger

The White Tiger is thus, the Deity of Retribution. It is a fortuitous sign that heralds good fortune and good health, protects the worthy and punishes the bad. The tale of the White Tiger lives on today, permanently etched into the fabric of history. Only 888 fountain pens are made available worlwide. The White Tiger is wondrously and individually carved into a sleeve of solid 925 sterling silver overlaid with 24carat gold.

Expo 2000 - Technology 2000

Expo 2000

The third and last pen in this unique series, "Technology", is due for issue in a limited edition of 2,000 this year, the year of the world exposition. Decorative elements of these fountain pens reveal aspects of the three factors: they are essentially easy to understand and yet apparently obscure in meaning. The microchip structures depicted on the Special Edition "Technology" reflect one of the most radical changes to everyday life since the genesis of the written character. The finely chased and rhodinised, handengraved 18carat gold nib is "run in" by hand.

Expo 2000 - Nature 1999

Nature 1999

The fountain pen edition Nature 1999, limited to 1999 pieces, is dedicated to the Expo 2000 theme "Nature". It is to remind us that only careful treatment of nature will safeguard the existence of mankind.

Expo 2000 - Humankind 1998

Humankind 1998

Pelikan, the Producer of exclusive writing implements, has issued a special edition of fountain pens. Firstly Humankind will be produced in a limited edition of only 1998 fountain pens, then its successor Nature will number 1999, and finally the edition entitled Technology, issued in the year of the international exhibition, will number 2000. Each fountain pen has its own number which makes it a unique art object.

Commonwealth Games 1998

Commonwealth Games 1998

This Pelikan Special Edition pen has exclusively been designed for the Commonwealth Games '98 in Kuala Lumpur and will only be offered in a worldwide limited edition. Each of these highclass pens is engraved with its own unique edition number as prove of its authenticity.

1000 Years of Austria

1000 Years of Austria

On the occasion of Austria's 1000th anniversary, Professor Gustav Peichl from Vienna developed a fountain pen for Pelikan Austria. Of the 1000 fountain pens produced, 700 were sold in Austria, 150 in Germany and the remaining 150 worldwide.

Golden Dynasty

Golden Dynasty

The number 8 is a central figure in Chinese mythology. It became the basis for designing a fountain pen especially for the Asian market. The "Golden Dynasty was produced as a limited edition in 1995 with only 888 of the socalled "dragon pens" being sold on the market.

Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix

The "Golden Phoenix" also enjoyed the great success of its its predecessor, the "Golden Dynasty". Again, a motif from Chinese mythology was chosen and the fountain pen's limited edition was once more restricted to the "magic" number of 888. An even greater success story than the "Golden Dynasty" series.

Genesis of the Olympiad

Genesis of the Olympiad

The olympic games were founded on the ideal of fair competition and in the belief that the spirit should be cultivated in parallel with the maximum possible development of the body. The first 13 Olympiads featured only one event, the onestadium race. This remained the most prestigious event despite all the others added in later times. To honour the spirit of Olympia, Pelikan has created a very rare pen, "Genesis of the Olympiad". The engraving on the barrel depicts the onestadium race. This pen has been produced in a limited edition of only 776 which is symbolic of the year 776 BC, the date of the first Olympiad. The engraved number proves that each item is unique and authentic.