Pelikan M400 friction fit, needs a new home

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Pelikan M400 friction fit, needs a new home

Postby Lennart Wennberg » July 9th, 2016, 9:41 am


I happen to own an early M400 with a friction fit nib-feeder unit. The seller said he didn't know that it was a friction fit unit, and I didn't discover it immediately.
The pen is green-striped, with an F nib and works great. The nib unit is easily removed but has never spontaneously come off. The problem is that it doesn't "sing" for me and on the go I don't feel completely safe and comfortable with it.

Of course I have paid about 125 USD for it once, but the main thing for me is that I want the pen to get a new loving and caring home. I'm open to negotiations, perhaps a good trade, with a M200 F or EF, Café Creme or Cognac or a (M)400 nib unit EF?

Please take this under consideration.


Lennart Wennberg

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