Maki-e Unique Collection 2014

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Maki-e Unique Collection 2014

Post by werner » October 14th, 2014, 6:23 pm


today I got a press release. Therefore I would like to inform you. For details please have a look to the links you will find below.

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Spectacular online auctions of the new Maki-e Unique Collection
November 2014 will see the start of 17 auctions of unique luxury writing instruments for collectors.

Following the successful Maki-e online auction in autumn 2012, Pelikan has been working on a new Maki-e Unique Collection which will delight collectors throughout the world this year. This time seventeen unique Maki-e pens are being auctioned. These will be available for purchase successively in auctions held at one-week intervals from November 2014, from The platform for the new auctions will go online in August 2014.
Maki-e Unique fountain pens are unique items, which have been created by renowned Maki-e artists in Japan. These 17 unique fountain pens have not been and will never be part of a Pelikan collection, making them an attractive and exquisite collector’s item for lovers of fine writing instruments. To indicate that they belong to the Unique Collection, each fountain pen bears the red name stamp of the artist who has created it underneath the signature.
Maki-e is a complex Japanese lacquer painting technique, which requires a great deal of patience and skill. The artist applies lacquer as well as gold and silver particles in multiple layers, which are repeatedly polished, giving a 3D effect. Only a few artists in the world have mastered the technique of Maki-e painting; it takes years to learn.
This year entry-level prices will range from 1,000 euros to 18,400 euros.
Detailed images and further information on the seventeen unique fountain pens and the precious Maki-e techniques used to create them can be found on the special auction website:
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