M400 with friction fit nib unit

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Lennart Wennberg
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M400 with friction fit nib unit

Post by Lennart Wennberg » August 16th, 2011, 8:49 pm


Yesterday I received a M400 that I have ordered from a well known seller of quality pens. It was a green striped M400 with fine nib.

The pen is gorgeous but I soon noticed that the nib unit was loose and that it lacked threads and I could not make it stay in place. I solved the problem with a tiny strip of thin teflone tape and the nib unit now stays in place.

However, a non threaded M400 was a total surprise for me. At last I found a couple of references on Fountain Pen Network. It seems to have been made 1982.

Now to the questions:
How many were made?
What is the value of the pen in relation to the regular M400?
Are there specialised collectors focusing on this pen?`


Lennart in Sweden

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Re: M400 with friction fit nib unit

Post by werner » August 17th, 2011, 7:26 pm

Hello Lennart,

first production area for push-in instead of screw-in feed was at the modell 400 in 1950 for
approximately three or four month. The same happend with the model M400 in 1982 for a short time.
Now to your questions:
- There are no information how many fountain pens are made with push-in feeds in both periods.
- The value of this pens are how much people are willing to pay to.
- I think there are not a lot of collectors are focusing on this pen.

Best regards

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