Materials Disscussion about Pelikan series

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Materials Disscussion about Pelikan series

Post by WillyVanDerKuijlen » January 31st, 2016, 11:26 am

Clip ring is gold-plated stainless steel
M205 M215
Clip ring is chrome-plated stainless steel
M300 M400 M500 M600 M800
Clip ring is gold-plated brass
M405 M605 M805
Clip ring is palladium-plated brass

But I don't know the detail material of 700 710 900 910 series,
In 700/900 I saw the official PDF give clip a description "Brass"
However, in 710/910 I saw the official website said ring is described as "sterling silver". The clip, however, is written as "Germany silver(nickel?)" Is it Germany silver-plated? or solid Germany silver?
which made me very confused :o
So what kind of materials in 700 and 710 rings and clips are?
Thanks a lot!

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Re: Materials Disscussion about Pelikan series

Post by werner » February 3rd, 2016, 7:50 pm

Pelikan Toledo 710:
The rings are made of Sterling silver, while the clip is made of German silver. Both the rings and the clip are covered with a protective sheen of palladium.
Sorry, I don't know about the material from Pelikan Toledo 700

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