Models 400, 400N and 400NN

M 4001

It would appear to be typical for Pelikan writing instruments, that the differences between the models are very subtle. Thus the changes from model 100 to 100N were noticeable but not radical. The differentiation is more difficult when turning to the models 400 and 400N.

As it was launched on the market in 1955 the design of the 400N was described as an "improved form" which "eventually will only be available in its ultimate form": 400NN. The first time a collector finds a 400N in his hands he does not recognise the differences immediately - only then when he is given a Pelikan 400 for comparison.

M 4002

The differences lie most noticeably in the form of the cap: The cap of the 400N is approximately 5mm longer than the model 400 and narrows more strongly towards the cap head. There are also differences in the body. The body of the Pelikan 400 is noticeably rounder at the end and, as with the cap, less conical. The spare part lists for these models show that the barrel for all models, 400, 400N and 400NN is the same. The caps also have the same screw thread, they are however not interchangeable because of the different geometry. Nevertheless, the differences remain purely optical - from a technical point of view they are all very similar.

M 4003

The first model to show a constructive change is the 400NN which also clearly continues the "slim lining" of form. The cap head that was pushed up from the inside in the models 400 and 400N is now an integrated part of the cap sleeve. With this the screwed crown lost its double function (i.e. the retention of the clip and the cap head in the in the sleeve) and served only for the security of the clip.

There are also other differences that are in the rule overlooked by the most collectors. Even the clips are different!

M 4004

While the clip for the model 400 is very round at the beak end, the clips for the models, 400N and 400NN are a little longer and more pointed, thus in total, appearing to be noticeable slimmer. This harmonises well with the new for of the model 400N and 400NN.

Martin Lehmann